GLOBALTEAM Training Programs

GLOBALTEAM Training Programs, designed to provide high quality behavioral results, are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Russian. Other popular training languages used are Arabic, Chinese, German, Greek, Turkish, Albanian, Bulgarian, and Romanian.
  1. GLOBALTEAM training programs are modular so they are conducted without causing major disruption to the work-week.

  2. GLOBALTEAM training fits both a client’s time availability and training needs.

  3. GLOBALTEAM training programs are very flexible and easily customized to unique client specifications.

  1. GLOBALSCORE Merchandising Audit©: field audit that measures the difference between your established merchandising standards… and the implementation of your standards by (1) sales/merchandising representative, (2) Trade Channel, and (3) Impulse Purchase Point.

  2. SalesRepFocus©: time and motion study for sales representatives that measures the difference between your ideal daily journey plan and sales activities…with each of your sales representative’s actual activities, sales results, in-outlet time (IOT), and between outlet time (BOT).

  3. RouteRider©: time and motion study for delivery personnel that measures the difference between your ideal daily delivery plan and the delivery activities…with each delivery person’s actual activities, results, in-outlet time (IOT), and between outlet time (BOT).

  4. PriceCheck©: comparative pricing survey in two variations: (1) actual retail price compared with your company’s pricing standards by Trade Channel, and (2) actual retail price by Trade Channel compared by brand and package type with your main competitors.

  5. DisplayCheck©: measures your weekly display execution on the following seven key factors: (1) ad feature and in store display implementation, (2) brands on display, (3) display implementation by package, (4) average number of cases on display, (5) display location, (6) average pricing, and (7) POS coverage.

  6. Merchandising Skills: Merchandising not only must increase your sales, but also your profits. Merchandising Skills training is profit-focused as it clearly demonstrates and implements customized skills in the areas of Inventory, Position, and Presentation.

  7. Selling Skills: Basic, straight-forward structure of a sales presentation: Opening, Presentation, and Close.

  8. Profit Story & Trade Math Skills: Hard-hitting content of a sales presentation: demonstrate increased profitability.


  1. Team Leader Skills: Creating an environment in which motivated people can achieve

  2. Bizwiting: Business writing for English-as-a-second-language professionals

  3. Effective Presentation Skills: Creating persuasive and logical, presentations

  4. Managing Time Effectively: Tips for effective management


  1. Organizing A Distribution Center for a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Company: Organizational chart, procedures and job descriptions for every department including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Information Systems, Technical, and Human Resources

  2. Establishing Standards and Setting SMART Goals


    1. North America:
      • Bob Little, M.A.
      • Vincent Zaniewski, M.A.
      • Greg Broswick, Feet on the Street, Canada; greg@feetonthestreet.ca, dynamic BTL firm. Feet on the Street is a GLOBALTEAM licensee and is certified to conduct the GLOBALSCOREŠ Merchandising Audit system.
    2. European Union & Europe:
      • Nicolas Foulon, En Toutes Lettres, Graphic and Visual Communication, Lille, France
      • Luis Gaspar, GLOBALTEAM Portugal
      • Kym Court, Ph.D., GLOBALTEAM France
      • Turkey: Linda A. Campbell, M.B.A., Marketing and Business Development Director RGS Group, lcampbell@rgsgroup.com.tr, & Bahadir Beyazay, Ph.D., Mobilgi Technologies, Mobile Merchandising Automation System (MAS) www.mobilgi.com, bahadir@mobilgi.com
      • Kostas Kalogeropoulos, M.A., Talanton, Greece. kalogeropoulos@talanton.gr Largest and most successful BTL company in Greece. Talanton is a GLOBALTEAM licensee and is certified to conduct the GLOBALSCOREŠ Merchandising Audit system.
      • Dilyan Kanev, Maverick Company, Balkans; dilyan_k@abv.by Dilyan Kanev is certified to conduct the GLOBALSCOREŠ Merchandising Audit system.
      • Ivan Dilov, TEL: 359-2-865-1170, MOBILE 359-89-9866-496, dilov@hidalgo.bgwww.hidalgo.bg, Merch Bulgarian Association of Promotional Agencies. Merch is a fast-growing BTL firm that is a part of the Hidalgo advertising Group. Merch is a GLOBALTEAM licensee and is certified to conduct the GLOBALSCORE© Merchandising Audit system.
      • Isabel Miles, Ph.D. and Paul Miles, M.B.A., Managing Partners, Miles Consulting, Cascais, Portugal paul@miles-consulting.com, www.miles-consulting.com Miles Consulting is a GLOBALTEAM licensee and is certified to conduct the GLOBALSCOREŠ Merchandising Audit system.
      • Kurt Larsson, expanding understanding, Sweden
      • Tomasz Makaruk, TEL: 0-601-251-428, Tomasz.makaruk@polymus.pl, www.novagroup.pl Polymus Integrated Communications, part of Nova Group, the oldest active BTL agency in Poland; best Polish BTL Agency award 2003. Polymus is a GLOBALTEAM licensee and is certified to conduct the GLOBALSCOREŠ Merchandising Audit system.
    3. Latin America:
      • Ruben Villarroel, Director Ejecutive, American Business Management, Santiago, Chile rvillarroel@abmchile.cl www.abmchile.cl ABM is a GLOBALTEAM licensee and is certified to conduct the GLOBALSCOREŠ Merchandising Audit system.
      • Gabriel Ortega Janeau, Director, Merchandising Services gortegajauneau@gmail.com
      • Anthony Ward
    4. Russia & CIS:
      • Alexey Verkhovtsev, M.A., GLOBALTEAM Russia & CIS Executive Director, MOB: +7-925-075-55-30, a.verkhovtsev@globalteam-inc.com, verkhovtsev@hotmail.com
      • AvanArt Ltd. and Quick-Job Ltd. are part of GLOBALTEAM International Marketing Consultants Group. AvanArt goal is to provide precise retail monitoring data and 3rd party merchandising services (outstaffing/outsourcing), training programs. Quick-Job Ltd. does consumer marketing activities (promotions, mystery shopping) and offers high quality recruitment service to its clients.

        Phone: +7 499 940 48 84
        Business contacts a.verkhovtsev@globalteam-inc.com
    5. Africa, Middle East & Asia:
      • Dick Thornton, Former professional football player is an exceptional motivational speaker for beverage industry Sales Managers, Supervisors, Sales Reps, and Merchandisers thecoach@compass.com.ph
    6. India:
      • Manish Shulka, Retailscape Management Services Provides services like visual merchandising and consulting, market and consumer research, production and vendor management, dispatch logistics and warehousing.